Friday, May 08, 2015

Cameron Re-Elected in the UK...

Like Benjamin Netanyahu David Cameron has a real talent for getting to fifty percent plus one by any means necessary....and lacking opposition with compelling ideas expounded with charisma....well advantage the Conservatives and their graceless charmless PM. And yet it's a vote for self pity, The UK is a sad place it seems, Scotland is like an aging dying Uncle who wants go go off insulin, climb over the nursing home's wall and go on one last self destructive bender downtown. Cameron's answer to this is "more devolution" for Scotland and Wales which amounts to putting two packets of Splenda in their tea instead of one. I think Cameron literally got in because the U.K. didn't auto destruct last year...thats his soul claim to power as the first conservative PM to stagger to a second term since Maggie Thatcher. Its not much to be proud of, but then the bar is set low in England these days.

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