Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Commonwealth Magazine

has already debunked the Governor's MBTA Commission report in respect of the alleged abuse of time off by the Carman's Union. Well...that didn't last long did it? So much for consensus. There is something every needs to recall about Governor Baker, spiritually he is an MBA that is his fastness and his final default setting. And the thing about MBA's is...they have this consistent attitude that you "cannot argue with the numbers, therefore there is NO GROUNDS for debate with respect to certain aspects of public finance. But anyone who has ever grubbed for an Insurance Company can tell you, the lowest auditor on the flow chart can make 2+2=8 easy peasy. When it comes to the taxpayers money 2+2 can equal 22 at the drop of a hat, a lot of these things are subject to interpretation. What Baker wants from the numbers is an interpretation that points to Union Malfeasance and the critical need for ridership to pay more for less under some phantom "reformed admin". Thats the commission report he got and that'll be the basis for his "can't argue with numbers" drive from here on out...which in turn means nothing will be done. But then I'm repeating myself on that point I fear....

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