Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Florida is Sinking...

Rising sea levels are creating flooding issues in Saint Augustine, wells are getting contaminated with sea water expensive municipal pumping systems levees etc are being discussed. Meanwhile Florida's hagridden third wave conservative governor offers municipalities "guidance" on how to handle these issues. "Guidance". A nice Orwellian term that indicates that Governor Scott doesn't accept the reality of climate change and therefore somehow it isn't happening. Its unbelievable I know, but then again this is a state where the First Amendment is closely policed such that Paid Members of the Executive Department may not utter or write the words "climate change" without incurring sanction. I begin to conjure triage scenarios....to the effect that, given all the issues that will manifest over the next century is Florida really worth saving? I mean aside from Epcot and the Launch Complex at Cape Canaveral (which could be easily moved to say, Cuttyhunk Island no fuss or bother), just for what do we battle the remorseless tide?

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