Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jeb Bush blundered pretty badly the other daya

and airily announced that he'd a invaded Iraq if he was his brother George Junior. The resultant conniptions have compelled the Ex Governor of Florida to execute a very clumsy walkback (something no member of the family does well) and send out a press aide to insist Jeb somehow misheard the question. Well perhaps an audiologist ought to be consulted before Jeb gets completely hard of hearing or something. This is pretty embarrassing for Bush who seems to be booking off a gaffe a week since he announced, it mostly serves though as a mute objective reminder of how unpopular our intervention in Iraq has become with the general public. As to whether any of this will damage Jeb's candidacy only time will tell, however past practice indicates that both his father and brother said all manner of idiotic things on a daily basis and still sneak into office. But for the moment Advantage Walker....(who has been dummying up lately if case you didn't notice).

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