Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Washington Post

(which I am told is a reputable source of news) is reporting that Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is "interested" in running for President in 2016 in the GOP primaries. As a lifelong democrat all I can say is, we should be so lucky. Sarah peaked in August-September 2008 before her combined weirdness, inexperience and corruption helped lay low John McCain's hope of beating Barack Obama in a fair fight. And it's been down down down ever since for Palin who is mostly known these days for a theatrical ill temper and a ear so very finely tuned that she can hear a nickel drop a mile away. If she piled into the GOP Primaries, she'd reduce what is already a travesty to a spectacular travesty...advantage democrats whether she some got the nomination or not. More likely not...but lets be real here, who is gonna give her the big bucks she needs to win? She has to be a toxic fundraising prospect even for the GOP. No this little media blip is a bit of brand polishing, Trump does it every four years and reaps a reasonable harvest, so likely this is Palin's bid to punch up the sugar high that is her "q-rating".

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