Friday, June 05, 2015

As Vice President Biden lays his oldest son to rest....

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Canada) took it upon himself to make a crass joke at the VP's sorrowing expense. Whereupon, Cruz promptly apologized in public. Well....I guess certain standards of gentlemanly behavior are still holding on by their fingernails over at Harvard Law. And anyway mark the moment, how many times does a republican apologize for anything? You can for example wait until perdition for Denny Hastert to say he is sorry. Well anyway Cruz did the decent thing for whatever reason I won't speculate. I will however note that for sheer crass rhetoric this is but the tip of the iceberg as far as the GOP presidential field is concerned, John Kasich (Governor of Ohio) piled in today, Rick Perry yesterday....the roster may top out at TWENTY yammering scolding barking mad candidates ere long all one upping each other to get a hold on the tea partei base. I predict a nasty off putting cacophony. And to Beau Bridges, peace to his ashes, succor for his loved ones and family.

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