Monday, June 29, 2015

When SCOTUS said yes to "Marriage Equality"

last week Jeb Bush was heard to respond that "his faith" predisposed him towards support for 'traditional marriage". Fair enough, no member of the La Famiglia Arbusto has ever stuck their necks out on behalf of the rights of any minority....ever. But then, I do so love the sacerdotal silence that falls over Jeb Bush whenever the subject of global warming and the RCC's stance thereon is under discussion. But then it's a mutual sacerdotal silence, Jeb doesn't believe in climate change and won't let "his faith" inform him on the matter, meanwhile the US Bishops WILL NEVER EVER EVER call him on his apostasy. Certainly they will not get on Jeb's case about global warming and the death penalty they way they dogged John Kerry's ass in 2004. On that you and La Famiglia Arbusto may rely.

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