Friday, June 12, 2015

The Iowa GOP has canceled their

Infamous Summer Straw Poll...which is otherwise well regarded as a dandy fundraising tool and a quick means for spectrumy falangists to get some cheap heat in the headline. Allegedly it got sh*tcanned for lack of candidate interest which is odd given the overwhelming influx of twitchy lunatics into the republican presidential nomination race, you'd think a few of them would see the advantage...unless of course the pathologies therein have coalesced around the notion that they are ALL frontrunners who have to husband their lead most cautiously....and that is powerful delusion indeed for the cheap acts like Ben Carson and High Pitched Rick Santorum. Well if I had to handicap (and I dooooo) I'd say this was "Advantage Bush" since his campaign like a zombie thats been asked to solve a binomial equation for several weeks now, a setback in the otherwise meaningless Iowa Straw Poll is worth avoiding at this point. It likely a minor disadvantage for Walker/Rubio or whoever else is the Main Chance Conservative Flavah of the Month since it denies them a chance to show some ground game.

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