Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ghod Donald Trump hasn't been in the race for twenty four hours

and already the hyperbole and outright narcissism is reaching toxic levels!! Allegedly The Donald paid professional film extras to cheer his announcement speech yesterday...a paltry $50 a head as well, well he didn't get to be rich by writing a bunch of checks did he? I think I am in agreeance with Howard Stern, Trump just wants to pretend to run for President, crash some debates shout some insolent provocative slogans, grab a few headlines then he'll devise some laughable gimmick to drop out of the race. Which is pretty much the pattern Howard Stern followed when he ran for Governor of New York as libertarian in soon as it came time to disclose all the sources of his income...he bailed. Ohhh but if Trump ran as an independent....ohhhh that shitstorm would be epic!

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