Thursday, August 13, 2015

"I Believe Nan Britton!"

Apparently, DNA tests have proven that Warren Harding, 29th President of the United States did indeed father an illegitimate daughter by his longtime slightly spectrumy groupie Nan Britton circa 1919. Britton was the very first "wronged mistress" to go public when the nominal hush money that Harding was paying her dried up after his 1923 death, Nan published "The President's Daughter" a lurid tasty account of her affair with Harding and the darling daughter consequent thereof. Warren Harding was a schlub but he was a weirdly sympathetic schlub, a chiseler, an corruptard, a tomcat and smiling well meaning ineptoid there was always a sort of "Sir John Falstaff" quality to just knew the hammer was gonna reduce Harding's fat ass to paste sooner or later it just a question of where and when. Even FDR (who knew Harding socially back in the day) had some empathy for the 29th President, he knew Harding meant well by his own dim fumbling lights in the weary wicked end. What makes me guffaw is that after almost ninety nine years the Harding Heirs are still fighting a desperate rearguard action to save his reputation first from Nan Britton's now verified accusations and then the publication of Harding's many many puerile love letters written to all sorts of women thru his public life. If I was Harding Heir...I think I'd just cut my losses and change my name....there is just no polishing up that Turnip no matter how much elbow grease you apply. Peace All The Same to the Late President's Ashes and his Heirs.....

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