Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I have to be "For Something"....

(I mean other than cheap pleasing whiskey) and I find I am For Extending the Green Line to Union Square Somerville...yes the cry goes up in opposition to "Yupification", but thats a process that has already begun in and around Union Square and naught can be done to stop it. Moreover those hills are a vast barracks and nursery studded with young families who might just make Somerville their permanent address if they have access to better Mass Transit in and out of Boston. Alas this is Charlie Baker we are talking about and with the revelation today that the project is entailing cost over runs it seems likely that the Governor will do has he has done in the past and "Declare Defeat and Get Out". That has pretty much been his Mass Transit MO all year and one doubts he will change his tune now....which is a goddamned shame because Somerville is vastly overcrowded and is but barely tapped by the Red Line, a better more robust rail option ought to be available to the citizenry.

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