Monday, August 31, 2015

A Month Ago....

I thought Donald Trump was a craze and summertime flash in the pan, but numberless gaffes later and a surge in the polls that defies all conventional wisdom and I'm prepared to admit I was wrong. I think Trump is here to stay, and if I had to hazard another dumbass guess I'm thinking he will not (at least over the intermediate term) opt to run on a third party platform. At this point, he has fifteen other GOP candidates stumbling around in his wake like toadying also-rans on "The Apprentice", bolting the partei would unacceptably concentrate his opposition and sacrifice vital political leverage over GOP Leadership. But then this is Donald Trump and he likes to present himself as a blustery Iconoclast. I'm also shocked at how poorly Jeb Bush has done so far, I thought at one point The Donald would end up simply holding Jeb's Stirrup as the Former Florida Governor rode of the body the cheap acts to Glory.... But right now, like the Other Sixteen Bush is staggering around Iowa and NH like a zombie deperately trying to explain himself all the while being mocked by Trump as a stupid indecisive jobber. So much for the Bush Machine and it's killer oppo research and it's career busting attack adverts huh? I think Karl Rove and Lee Atwater together couldn't suss out a line of attack against a phenom like Trump.... But then destroying Trump at this point means the GOP has to admit that for the past sixteen years they've fed their base belligerent paranoid fantasies and now that base enraged past reason is now gonna impose it's will...on Them. I doubt they have the political will even to discuss such a disturbing notion, but until they do, it's Trump's race to lose. The man is not gonna gaffe his way out the race, his base within the primary electorate simply does not care they want Vengeance and Trump is Merely Their Instrument.

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