Monday, August 17, 2015

Rick Perry has stopped paying certain staffers....

Which is a sure sign that he is on his last legs and will be bowing out soon. Winning in a seventeen candidate field requires money or volunteers (preferably both) and Rick has neither at this point. I'm guessing the pressure is on to arrange a decent exit around Labor Day...and then it will be "game on" to secure his endorsement. Thats where Governor Perry's worth will go up however temporarily, he is too stupid to be a credible VP prospect (which is anomaly in today's GOP believe me) otherwise. I wonder what his "asking price is"? Otherwise the fact that Rick is low on $ means the GOP fundraising matrix is shifting, clearly capital is trying to find a credible "Anti-Trump" and that means more going to fewer potential candidates, seeing some fundraising numbers right about now would be interesting indeed.

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