Monday, August 10, 2015


(Apologies to my tiny but redoubtable readership, Humble Elias has been on vacation)... Gotta love that Donald Trump, week by week, day by day he is systematically and singlehandedly transforming the GOP Presidential Sweeps into something that is literally "Not Safe For Work". Vulgar, cheap and belligerent something in short that could get you fired if you played your cards right. And of course the GOP bases loves him for his gruesome truculence, they wish they could scream in sheer rage like Trump, the man is a magnet for sheer impotent weary wingnut projection. Meanwhile as Trump sucks all the air out of the room, poor desperate would be tyrants like Mike Huckabee can't even work up the wind for a good counterscream....poetic justice sez I. Speaking of cautions, anyone catch Alex Beam's column in da Globe last week when he gaseously asserted that "When he left office Harry Truman was doing everything possible to lose the Korean War". Try as he might Alex just does not have that Menckenish gift for witty hyperbole, he just sounds nasty and vengeful every time and more that a little dim as well. I guess 180,000 US Troops, enough aircraft to blot out the sun and the subtle military skills of General Ridgway just doesn't count as enough of an effort to Alex Beam. I'd say more but let us face it, the Globe's op-ed page is pretty much a "Mediocrities Only" bomb shelter at this point. They are all down there sweating and acting nonchalant meanwhile the world they knew is being swept away one pixel at a time. NOW THAT Mah Frenz...iz Hyperbole!!!

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