Friday, December 23, 2016

Apparently Donald Trump tweeted out

Today his intentions to initiate an arms race with Putin's Russia, country with a GDP roughly comparable to Italy....this is the same Russia whose President, Trump counts as a "friend".
You should be, but contradiction and hypocrisy are core deliverables with "Brand Trump".
My big takeaway from off this is a clam assurance that Donald Trump isn't paying the slightest attention to any of his national security briefing (the few he is actually attending) otherwise he'd realize we are already modernizing and refurbishing our strategic forces as far of a trillion dollar thirty year upgrade program.
In other words, we've already started that arms race and likely have a huge lead.....

Ye Gods, thirty years and a trillion large....I think thats enough to deter a country whose chief exports are oil, firearms and feckless threats.
All this presupposes that Trump knows the difference between Deterrence and Dung, and that has yet to be demonstrated in a convincing way.

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