Thursday, December 29, 2016

Majority Rules

Only Democracies Self Renew.
Monarchy's Fall, Tyrannies are Destroyed from Within and Without, Autocracy's Lose Their Will to Power, Charismatic Dictators become Senile....some of these malign situations can last a long long time.
But when its over its over for them all.
All save democracies only that form of government can resurrect itself.
The means are there, if the people but lay ahold of them.
We are gonna hear a lot of tyranny and strong men in power going forward, acquiesce in no tyranny and we will not be tyrannized...perhaps that comes at a cost, likely it does, but self renew of our democratic pollity begins with not with a will to power but a will to sacrifice.
In the end we are tested by evil events, never by good times and easy living...and now we are entering a testing time for democracy.
Its starts with an individual resolve to be somehow collectively worthy.
Ah but I ramble....but its dark out and I must shed what little light I can.

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