Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Donald Trump is now trying to dissolve

the charitable organization that bears his name the one he insisted was on the up and up and a model of philanthropy compared to the disgusting charity run by "Crooked Hillary".
Predictably, the NY AG won't let him do citing an ongoing investigation...
Rationality and Factuality are gonna take a helluva beating over the next four years, assuming any of us survive the next four years.
So let me assert I have no facts by which to impeach the integrity of the Trump Foundation, but the far more forgiving "Occam's Razor" suggests that he is trying to dismantle his charity to cover up the usual financial chicanery that may have dire constitutional implications.
Because at the end of the day only a fear of direct consequences would ever compel Trump to dismantle yet another one of his boodling enterprises.
But I stress I have no facts to buttress that claim only circumstancial evidence...But then fakery is Brand Trump he has in the past created an entirely bogus for-profit university so ersatz charity is entirely within his wheelhouse.
And if I to make suggestions I'd look deeply into the roles played by his children in said charity, the three of them are his Achilles Heel, count on it.

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