Sunday, December 04, 2016

If you wanna see the Boston Globe in Deep Denial

about Mitt Romney's craven cave in to Team Trump (all in a bid to be Secretary of State of all things) check out of today's front page article by Matt Visor.
The Globe is just desperate to project the mantle of healing comforting moderation on Mitt Romney, the former viceroy walks back his Anti Trump vituperation and Morrissey Blvd starts sighing about his "commitment to public service".
Moderate republicanism is as Dead as Adam but The Globe keeps trying to resuscitate what amounts to a Museum Class Mummy.  They give a craven schemer like Mitt  Romney a second third and even fourth chance...and all because they can't come to terms with the contemporary GOP's ever rightward zombie lurch.

Well Mitt Romney has come to turns with said zombie lurch, by capitulating to it in public.
Never mind the fact that the former viceroy is likely being played by Team Trump in a rather crude vengeful manner as well. Meanwhile the Globe goes on fantasizing if Romney scores for Foggy Bottom then its a victory for moderate republicanism, if he is not appointed then its because he is again too saintly a moderate for Trump's Cabinet.
Really what color is the sky in the world of the Boston Globe?

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