Monday, December 19, 2016


The Russian Ambassador to Turkey is Assassinated even in the shadow of the Electoral College's Formal Presidential Balloting....cuz this is a foreign policy crisis just tailor made to Donald Trump's skillset isn't it?
I can just imagine the tweets he is prepping even as I write this....

For the record liquidating Turkey's regional presence in the Eastern Mediterranean has been a truism of Russian Foreign Policy since the dawn of the 19th Century. Despite fitful rumors of a Putin-Erdogan reapproachment both countries are backing opposing sides in the current Syrian Civil War. This incident has all the earmarks of a historic provocation that could spiral out of control into a whole new war in the region....but don't worry never fear Putin listens to Trump.
Didn't know puppeteers needed to listen to their puppets.....lets hope John Kerry has one last ace up his sleeve even if all it'll do is delay the inevitable.

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