Thursday, March 30, 2017

Crazy Christy Mihos, RIP

Late word comes to us of the untimely death of "Crazy" Christy Mihos local convenience store magnate and perpetual political hawt mess.    Mihos was for a while Shakespeare's own "imp of fortune", a early and loud critic of the Big Dig (I mean that literally, Christy had no discernable "indoor voice" he shouted seemingly at everyone), he put Mitt Romney "Back on the Map" in 2002, he broke with the GOP in 2006 then tried for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in 2010...
He was populist insurrectionist waaa-ay before it was popular, but like a lot of those guys, he paid a price, a cringeworthy divorce a dire reversal in his financial fortunes, a sad self off of assets then...cancer.
Its a political career full of sudden violent shocks, perpetual drama, loud oathes, louder rejoinders, and it could only go down in Massachusetts, Land of the Free, Home of the Rave.
I made fun of Christy when he was out on the stump, but unlike Donald Trump who is Fraud Incarnate it is important to recall that Mihos was trying in his own blustering wingnutty way to spare the taxpayers getting stuck with the bill for the Big Dig.  But for me his fabled craziness starts with his naive belief that Mitt Romney was gonna resolve that problem sans any burden to the citizenry.....
Say what you like he was a populist mercurial and loud, he made no apologies, he was no breaker of proverbs he will give the Devil His Due.

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