Monday, March 06, 2017

Rioting at Middlebury College....

Denying Pseudo Eugenicist Charles Murray a platform at Middlebury College via violence and disruption, may seem cathartic, but ultimately does horrific violence to the First Amendment and to the associated notion of academic freedom.
Let me be clear, Murray is a racially colonized jerk but racially colonized jerks got a right to free speech which under ordinary and even extraordinary circumstance should be no incitement to violence whatsoever.
Whenever someone like this shows up, the rule should be "duly promoted, lightly attended, peacefully protested, fully engaged".
I will remind my readership (all six of you) that last fall Former Secretary of State Clinton took her campaign to the campus of Saint Anselm College (a very very conservative Catholic College indeed) where she unequivocally proclaimed her support of a woman's right to choose and full federal funding of Planned Parenthood.
There was a crowd of several thousand thereon, no rioting, no attempts to supress her right to free speech the Monks that ran the school said nothing and did nothing to disrupt this event ...I should I was there.
If Hilary Clinton can get that consideration from Saint Anselm College then Charles Murray deserves no less the same from Middlebury.
And yes it grieves me to defend him....think twice kids is my closer here.

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