Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Just remember there is a larger

And Far more dangerous context to the President's Pronounced Taste for Declinist Tropes and Apocalyptic Scenarios. No I'm not just talking about the fear that he'll be quick on the trigger when the moment of truth comes (count on it, he will but that is another matter), no what he is creating is a sort of "Reichstag Fire Narrative". Look at all the times he's tweeted out "I was right" when some god awful incident has gone down over seas to say nothing of his pronounced tendency to invent terrorist attacks out of whole cloth. Its not that he is delusion (though he may be who knows?) he wants to be able to bray "I wuz right SUSPEND the Bill of Rights" when some serious shit detonates in the USA and count on it, something will sooner or later. At that point our rights and lives will be in the hands of too few persons of honor in Washington DC and elsewhere. That is what he is setting up when he carries on so incontinently, an excuse to vastly expand police and detention powers in the for it, we are in the end the only reliable guarantors of our own rights and freedoms.

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