Thursday, March 02, 2017

Good Ghod

Was Anyone on Last Fall's Trump Campaign NOT blabbing away to the Russian Ambassador? Cuz now AG Jeff Sessions has "suddenly remembered" two discussions with the Ambassador in the heat of a US Presidential Campaign...only two huh? I promise you there is another shoe to fall on this one...I'll bet he had all sorts of contact with the Russian Embassy all of it entirely suspicious and inappropriate.
For that fact, you'd better hope all that contact was initiated in a public park under a pedestrian causeway cuz if any of it was over the phone, dollars to donuts the NSA has that audio and its crystal clear & broadcast ready at that.
Congress is well within it's rights to remand the matter to the House Judiciary Committee as a prelude to Impeachment, the man clearly lied to Congress, a body that has a right to try and remove from office Cabinet Members as well as the President & VP.
To say nothing of what the hell they were talking about....and why it was necessary to conceal the same....

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