Friday, March 03, 2017

"We are going in!"

So NH Governor Chris Sununu told some businessmen up there having asserted that The Granite State's opioid crisis was a function of narcotics being shipped in by illegal alien drug dealers in Lawrence Ma.
Yup...thats his argument.
"Martians are doing it!"
My big takeaway from all of this is that we've been trying to eliminate drug addiction using a belligerent punishment-driven model since roughtly 1903 and we have exactly nothing to show for it.
I could discursively note that drug addiction and drug dealing are themselves heavily consequent on the slow elimination of economic transmission belts out of poverty....and there is a lot of said poverty in NH.
No...I'll just note that it might be time to stop doubling down on punishment when it comes to narcotics addiction....cuz its not working. At All....look at all the martians in Lawrence that're making a fortune in the morphine biz!

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