Friday, May 05, 2017

I have friend

(I do have them, the wiser of this small cohort never ever read this blog)....and he is a cancer survivor, he vociferously asserts that the ACA (aka "ObamaCare") saved his life, covered his chemo, his extensive and ongoing rehab, got him the special nutrition he needs to live, all of it.
Now yesterday with the weary connivance of many many GOP "moderates" in the US House (a group that is as useful as tits are to bull in the patois of my youth), Paul Ryan FINALLY rammed thru a ACA "repeal and replace" bill and dropped it on the US Senate for good measure.
The bill is by all early indications a disaster that'll likely shorten my friend's life by many many years if the US Senate has the temerity to pass said measure.
So my question is, can we get the Middlesex County DA to indict Speaker Ryan for attempted murder? Because thats what AHCA is, murder in the last decree, higher premiums, less care more dead citizens....
Failing that since Ryan resolved the US House into a Huge "Board of Medicine" then can we sue him for Malpractice? Making medical decisions without a license ought to be actionable in a Civil Court I would think...besides you know the twitchy sumbitch doesn't have medical malpractive insurance (his insolent and vile aides likely have never thought of it) we could potentially clean him out but good.
All kidding aside I have a friend whose life hangs in the balance and there had better start being some dire electoral consequences for such a pretty pass....

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