Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You have to go a long ways in Massachusetts Politics

To find a politician more bereft of ideas than Charlie Baker.  Faced with a budget deficit, the usual infrastructure challenges, his mule-like status with the National GOP, looming cuts, revenue shortfalls, The Governor's Answer to EVERYTHING is raise 30 million for his reelection campaign, play to the center , leave the legislature unchallenged & run on his "Bipartisan Accomplishments"...

Its like Bill Weld Never Resigned....
If Charlie Baker was a sitcom he'd be "Thats so Weld!"....Nothing seems to echo in that cubed shaped head of Charlie's save the search for an opportunity to swan dive into the Charles River.
But ya know what its a proven model and it works, so far the democrats are underfunded and at loggerheads with the usual image problems, but then again a good part of Baker's plan on us doing exactly what he wants us to do....so lets at least agree not to do that eh?

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