Monday, May 08, 2017

Just as I suspected

The Firefighters Local 1297 endorsed Sean Garballey for State Senate today, their absence was pretty conspicuous at the Friedman kick off yesterday, so I am not surprised.
Its ironic because the Late Senator Donnelly was fire chief in Lexington and whatever commitments he undertook on behalf of First Responders were probably in the main executed by his loyal chief of staff, Cindy Friedman.
But at any rate firefighters were a good chunk of Donnelly's "ground game" back in 2008, no doubt they'll loom large in Garballey's calculations now.
Its a seven week campaign plus a few days not much time to do thorough voter ID a lot turns on big billboards, endorsements, mailings etc...its given the exceptional and truncated nature of the race the outcome could well turn on quaint retrograde factors such as that.
So its "game on" most definitely....

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