Monday, May 08, 2017

Off & Running

Cindy Friedman piled into the democratic state senate primary for the Fourth Middlesex at a well attended event at Arlington's Venerable Elk's Club.  There were a lot of young people in attendance which is fairly unusual for an Arlington off election year event but then the Spartans have been murmurring about "Trump Multiplier Effect" for several months now.  Lexington's well tenured State Rep Jay Kauffman is acting as co-chair of the campaign, State Senator Will Brownsberger is apparently doing a Friedman fundraiser, Anne Paulsen, Jeff Thielman, Jim DiTulio, Local Chair Aimee Coolidge and numerous other notable Spartans were in attendence, their common trait they are excellent political organizers. Citizen Friedman clearly has some outreach into the incumbent class of politicians...If there was a theme to the announcement it was "Revenge of the PUMAs", they clearly absorbed their setback from Last November and are rested and ready for new adventures.  Hillary Clinton's Local Imperial Guard should not be dismissed lightly they've won some lost some but their drive, determination and SKILL is undiminished. Clarissa Rowe and Company will run Sean Garballey a very close race when all is said and done.
I didn't see any representatives of the public sector unions at this event, that is significant, Friedman is running as Ken Donnelly's personally approved sucessor and part of Ken's electoral success was built around a strong volunteer base among police/firefighter.
Politically I think the plan is simple close to within three points of Sean Garballey in Arlington and then sweep Lexington, that mayb well be enough to tip the nomination. The presence of Mary Ann Stewart, a former Lexington School Committee on the primary ballot is a sure sign that someone wants to keep the vote in that particular town divided and unconcentrated.
As for Citizen Friedman, she is personable enough, even funny at times, but she is new to being at the podium so to speak, she needs to cut down her tendency for multiple examples and tighten her pitch a bit.  The debates ought to be spirited affairs, as a campaigner Garballey is no slouch he is one of these "up at six am run all day long and into the night" type politicians.  What ideological points said debates will turn on is unknown at the moment, Garballey & Friedman probably agree on much and disagree on little in the Main, their two way debate may well hinge on questions of gravitas and experience....
The Game is Afoot!

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