Thursday, May 04, 2017

Word on the Street is...

that Lexington School Committee Member, Mary Ann Stewart has pulled papers to run for the democratic nomination for state senate in the 4th Middlesex special election.  She joins the Late Senator Donnelly's Chief of Staff Cindy Friedman and Arlington State Rep Sean Garballey in vying for said sinecure, so far no republican has pulled papers, the deadline to pile in is May 16th.
At a first glance, Stewart likely impedes Friedman's ability to build an out-of-Arlington coalition to counter Garballey's name recognition, & alleged fundraising edge.   I think it likely the Friedman campaign was hoping the endorsement of Lexington Rep Jay Kauffman would help bind said community to her cause, its also a pretty transparent division of the "women's vote" leading me to wonder exactly how a Lexington School Committee Member is gonna raise the 100K+ needed to be credible in this race and who encouraged her to run?
Otherwise Stewart's issues seem decorously boilerplate, climate change, education, infrastructure a woman's right to choose....etc etc, nothing new but quite frankly the three candidate so far differ in very little save perhaps their utterly intangible and unmeasurable leadership potential.

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