The Chimes at Midnight
Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Talk Radio's charm offensive goes into Overdrive...

This morning at about 7:35am EST radio talk show host Don Imus called former President Clinton "Pig" Clinton.
So as to make sure we all understood him, the I-Man repeated the gruesome put down five minutes later.
Apparently, Don is still mad about the whole Lewinsky deal...after all he must talk about almost every day even five years later.
According to Imus, Bill compares poorly to the late Saint Ron who never set foot in the Oval Office without a suit coat on...or so the legend goes.
All that booze and cocaine back in the day has made the I-Man forgetful, otherwise he'd recall how fantasy, distortion and plain autohypnosis informed most of the late President's discourse.
But then that pretty much describes the Imus show....his much hyped "Cancer Camp for Kids" being as much a costly hallucination as Reagan's "Star Wars Initiative".
Still, "Pig" Clinton is pretty god damned churlish and low if you asked me.
It has much gotten to the point where a radio talk show tyrant who espouses the RIGHT THINGS can pretty much say whatever they want no matter how gruesome and appalling.
What is to restrain them?
Demonstrably nothing.


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