Thursday, April 06, 2006

Barrios Out?

The Boston Globe has been suggesting that State Senator Jared Barrios is about to abandon his quest to be Middlesex County DA.
Maybe it is for the best, a sort of political natural selection process seems to have occurred here, leaving Law Enforcement Professional Gerry Leone the last man standing.
Leone from what I've seen of him, appears to be a very serious guy with a long resume and much experience in the field of prosecution.
Barrios on the other hand despite his obvious charisma and many talents seemed to be in the wrong race. In elections to come one can easily see him stepping up to Secretar y of State or Lieutenant Governor.
But that depends on the breaks, at the moment the rumor is Barrios will be running for re-election thus nudging the somewhat troubled candidacy of Anthony Gallucio aside.
One hopes to hear of him again, he is after all a very earnest and sincere man.

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