Sunday, April 23, 2006

Scumbag Sunday

In an article describing John Kerry's speech at Fanueil Hall today, the Boston Sunday Globe quotes the following from the Republican National Committee:

"A spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee also took issue with Kerry's remarks. ''While we have never questioned Democrats' patriotism, we do question John Kerry's motives, considering his eagerness to engage in political theatrics as he ponders a presidential run," said Tracey Schmitt."

The ugliness and arrogance of the GOP cannot be believed.
They "NEVER" questioned the patriotism of Senator Kerry in campaign 2004?
The HELL they didn't!!!
What were those little band-aids emblazoned with the Purple Heart that were all the rage at the GOP convention, party favors???
And the "Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth"?
High minded men all.
My friends, there is no scum quite like dishonest scum.
The GOP relentlessly questioned John Kerry's manhood, patriotism, his war wounds ANYTHING these bastards could lay their filthy mitts on.
And, given the thin-ness of their victory in 2004, they are ROTTEN GLAD they did so.
So for Tracey Schmitt to say they "never" questioned John Kerry's patriotism is either the delusional plaint of a bad conscience or yet another lie.
Take your pic.
I am not here play for sympathy or to play the victim. The hell with that...the red warning lights are flashing all over America bigger problems loom all around us.
But I do wanna go on record warning Ken Mehlman his corrupt crew that those god damned band-aids will be avenged and perhaps sooner than they think.

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