Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Hammer Falls

Tom Delay is abandoning congress under a mounting load of legal worries and electoral issues.
Kudos to Joshua Micah Marshall and all those who unerringly kept this dirtbag son of bitch in the crosshairs for all that time.
And so The Hammer departs, he leaves Congress in a bloody shambles, divided between outright theocrats and those ardent to revive wage slavery.
Corrupt and worthless himself, Delay was a master of foulmouthed persecution politics and that haughty tone of xian triumphalism.
Of course, total domination of congress costs money so while he was preaching the sweet gospel of the little baby Jesus Armed and Truculent he was also collecting money from every crook and lobbyist in DC.
It is tempting to dismiss Delay as a man of the past, a machine pol brought down by zeal and greed. I think he is diresome harbinger of things to come, even more corrupt theocrats are no doubt waiting in the wings, inspired by Delay's example and intoxicated at the possibilities presented by his kind of raw power worship.
Certainly nothing in the current system of checks and balances will prevent someone ten times worse than Delay from seizing power.

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