Monday, April 17, 2006

Uncommon Sense or Lisa Guisbond for Governor

The Boston Globe reports today that with the sole exception of AG Tom Reilly, every single announced candidate for Governor sends their offspring to pricey private schools. Thus with no demonstrable faith in public schools (save Reilly) all and sundry are nevertheless just pantin' with a desire to make public education policy.
Fair enough, truck drivers and call center operators don't run for governor, leastways not these days.
Now, take it from Humble Elias, himself the monstrous product of too many parochial schools, opting out of public education ought not to be a bar to office.
If we did, half the Commonwealth would be disenfranchised.
However, opting out is a mere matter of money at it's core, lets not obscure that.
Moreover there is a widening gab between the wealthy who set policy and who may dispense with it when it suits them and the peonage who must abide by said policy.
Brookline mother Lisa Guisbond is quoted quite eloquently in the above article:

The fact that four out of the five candidates send their kids to private schools is a reflection of trends in our society -- the increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots," said Lisa Guisbond...
''I really don't believe that some of these policies are creating an atmosphere that they would want their kids to be learning in," ... ''Private schools don't revolve around preparing kids for standardized testing and teaching them to regurgitate facts. They teach them problem-solving and nurture their creativity and teach them art and music, but for some reason, [Beacon Hill] policies are forcing all that out of public schools."

Day-um now THAT is eloquence!!!
Dunno nothin' about this chick, she could be a falangist or a Trotskyite for all Humble Elias knows, but she makes ruthless sense notheless.
Shakespeare's false idol "commodity" truly rules the learning process, an exquisite brand is available for those with the money, a cheaper brand built on testing and vocational training is all that can be had for the lower classes.
And forget about Jeffersonian meritocracy, we train kids for jobs as telemarketeers and money shufflers, not for the grand life of a citizen.
Thats the failure of education all over this nation.
Lisa Guisbond ought to run for Governor, she has already got an uncommonly logical train of thought.
Plainspokeness such as this is desperately needed in the current gubernatorial contest.

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