Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chimes at Midnight Endorsement Recap:

In today's Massachusetts democratic primary:

For Governor: Deval Patrick Believe the hype this guy can shake things up and for the better. If not now then when, if not him then who?

For Lieutenant Governor: Tim Murray An experienced politician and an able individual. moving from Mayor of Worcester to the Lt. Governor's office is a natural step for Murray. Humble Elias looks to Murray to be an authentic voice for the perpetually embattled cities and towns of the Commonwealth.

For Secretary of State: William Galvin. You may not like Billy personally and certainly like Humble Elias you may not accord with all his political views but he never ran out on the party and voted for Nader did he? This is more than Galvin's challenger Jon Bonifaz can say.
Thay we must engage in an honest dialogue with the greens and other independent progressives is a given, but that does give Jon Bonifaz leave to parachute into the democratic primary and start himself up at the top of the political food chain.
Moreoever Billy has sown himself a good corporate steward and has kept the paper ballot here in the Commonwealth. He is heartily endorsed for re-nomination.

For State Senate: 4th Middlesex: Robert Havern III Bob is faced by one Joanne Gonsalves a Bonfiaz style challenger in today's primary. Humble Elias urges all democratic voters in our district to stick by Bob Havern today, he is experienced and a work-horse not a show horse. He is also backing Patrick if that moves anyone out there.

Anyway go vote, my precinct booked 49 ballots total by 7:41am EST.

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