Friday, September 15, 2006

Kerry Healey parachutes into the democratic gubernatorial primary...

with a blistering attack advert against Chris Gabrieli that labels him a "tycoon" and accuses him to profiting from proposed state sponsored stem cell research.
Waaaalllllll sheee-it!
Didn't Kerry Healey marry herself a tycoon?
Didn't that same tycoon try to rook the state for a one million dollar tax credit for his own company?
Isn't the shadowy Lex Luthorish Sean Healey simply trying to BUY the governorship for his shallow insubstantial wife?
Lt. Governor Barbie sure has a lot of nerve doesn't she?
Kerry Healey may not be willing to shake Dick Cheney's dessicated hand at Logan, but she'll damn well campaign like Karl Rove won't she?
Humble Elias suspects people read this blog, maybe people with connections to other people who knows?
So I think it behooves Tom Reilly and Deval Patrick and all three democratic candidates for Lt. Governor to see this as naught but a preview of how Kerry Healey intends to run this fall...make patently psychotic accusations, run for the gutter like a rat in a firestorm and spend money lavishly.
So let me be blunt, Chris, Tom, Deval are yuh listenin'?
Whoever is nominated next week you had better damn well have a plan to counter this style of campaigning...
The worst thing you can do is to ignore it or pretend that the electorate wants to hear about the issues.
They do wanna hear about the issues, but first yer gonna have prove that you can take the fight to Kerry Healey.
Healey can be beaten and beaten soundly but she has to be taken seriously, the nominee will have to run flat outlike he is eight points down from primary night on.
Hope someone out there is listening...

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