Sunday, September 17, 2006

On the last Sunday before a

democratic gubernatorial primary that may well decide the fate of Massachusetts for years to come, Joanie Vennochi takes time out to confirm she really is a rudderless spiteful yap.
On the subject of Kerry Healey's anti-Gabrieli adverts Joanie has this to say: "Shortly before primary day, Kerry Healey launched a silly & dishonest attack ad at Chris Gabrieli..."

Silly and dishonest?
Woo hoo dig Madame Retaliation down on Morrissey Boulevard!

Good grief where was this anger and outrage when the Swift Boats Vets went gunning for John Kerry??
As I recall, Joanie spent that whole month in a delirious spin alternately squealing that Kerry was both wimp and bully.

What can we learn from this?
Only that Joan Vennochi is a tedious unreliable hack in extremis. Sure she is angry today but odds are whoever we nominate on Tuesday won't meet her very high and inexplicable personal standards and she'll be sniping mightily at the democrats by Halloween.
Well...she hasn't burned any bridges to Mihos yet, so maybe we will get lucky and Joanie will mark out hard for Crazy Christy.

As long as she forgets about us, the only thing worse than having Joanie against you is having Joanie on your side.

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