Sunday, September 10, 2006

Joanie sez "Gabrieli = Romney"

In her column appearing in today's Boston Sunday Globe Joan Vennochi makes the argument that in the end Chris Gabrieli's game plan much resembles the one implemented by Mitt Romney in 2002.
She further speculates that if business whizbang Willard Mitt Romney couldn't tame the government, what chance will Chris Gabrieli have?
Hmmmm....seems to me that I made most of the argument already...specifically in my August 27th post.
Waaaal...I dunno I'm inclined to give Joanie a pass on this one, given the cash-heavy, tv-advert dependent nature of the Gabrieli campaign this summer, I'm sure that more than a few people saw the comparisons on this one.

Meanwhile the Globe endorsed Patrick this morning, can't say what effect that will have on the outcome of the primary, the Globe doesn't have it's old timey big foot anymore.

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