Monday, September 18, 2006

For Governor in the Massachusetts Democratic Primary...

The Chimes at Midnight heartily endorses the candidacy of Deval Patrick.
Humble Elias comes to this decision after long reflection, as he has said to his friends many times over the last several months everyone he likes is "either dead or out of the game".
However all facetiousness aside, the state is misgoverned, mismanaged and suffers from a dearth of talent at all levels.
The great and abiding need here is for a change, the candidate who best embodies that diresome necessity is Deval Patrick. He is articulate, he is passionate, he proposes new policies to thwart our current stagnation and he wants to lead.
This is not to degrade Misters Gabrieli and Reilly they are able men, if either is nominated Humble Elias will bang the pots loudly on their behalf, but are they the change-agents we need?
This endorsement though, does come with a few helpful warnings; the fall campaign will doubtlessly go the gutter route very quickly cheered on by the usual a-holes in the local media. Citizen Patrick will have to generate some tough and honest answers to the coming attacks in the areas of taxes, "illegal immigration" and gay marriage. He cannot take anything for granted least of all the willingness of Kerry Healey's cabal to play by the Marquis of Queensbury rules.

But as far as the Chimes at Midnight is concerned, I can vote for the other guys or I can vote one last time to overthrow destiny?
The choice therefore this time is simple:
Deval Patrick for Governor!

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