Friday, October 13, 2006

Brian McGrory's Nice Girl

Ah good old Brian, since Mike Barnicle left the scene he has been my very meat, couldn't have the Chimes at Midnight without him.
Today he comes that close to endorsing Kerry Healey at the last minute though he opts to toss her a few fresh bouquets and leave it at that.
According to Brian, the angry scolding image we have of Kerry Healey runs at odds with her actual nature as a nice sweet suburban preppie with an eye for the occasional snazzy convertible.
Awww...ain't dat sweet, Brian's trying to sweeten up Healey's image.
The tone of the piece seems to be "Gee if only Kerry Healey would act nicer, I could buy into her tangled image as a moderate Republican and openly join her fan club."
This is no less than hilarious that dour miserable woman who seems to be threatening the Commonwealth with all manner of dire consequences if we dare vote for her opponent is pretty much the real Kerry Healey.
Based on what Humble Elias has heard from various interested acquaintances, Lt. Governor Healey brings a rather disdainful sarcastic attitude to her much ballyhooed meetings with local elected officials. That "Your my hero Christy" sneer of hers is well known to school committee members and mayors from Peru to Bourne.
Clearly, the Lieutenant Governor has picked up a few of Romney's nasty viceregal habits.
The choice seems clear, more stunt driven governance animated by a nasty disdainful spirit, or a vitally needed change in priorities...something that may avert the Commonwealth's side into economic impotence and political limbo.

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