Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wall Street throws cold water on the rumored

purchase of the Boston Globe by GOP sex fiend Jack Welch.
Or so the Boston Globe reports....
Allegedly, the Ambassador from Caucasiastan Mike Barnicle is in on this deal somewheres, the notion of him making a comeback on Morrissey Boulevard though is grimly hiliarious.
Frankly if the Globe was sold to Welch and his gang the only long range winner would be the notional seller The New York Times. Between Welch's GOP bona fides and Barnicle's wild flights of sentimental invention, I can see a lot of readers throwing their hands up in disgust and subscribing to the Times.
Moreso, if the Times decided to publish even an attenuated Boston edition....if I was Jack Welch, I'd get it in writing...the Great Grey Lady can play for keeps don'cha know.

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