Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jeff Jacoby has a good one today

Like the rest of us, he is sore amazed at the Amish of Pennsylvania's willingness to forgive the perpetrator of last week's school massacre.
He then rattles on that the good example set by the plain people of Lancaster County PA doesn't necessarily exempt him from loathing and hating the murderer in this case.
Well, fair enough, the Amish set very rarified standards for themselves the rest of us are prone to wishing after a very rough brand of justice in these instances.
Y'know come to think of it, hate is a big theme in Jeff Jacoby's writing, ever notice that?
He is usually either exempting himself or others from the accusation of hatefulness, giving himself permission to hate or else compiling long intricate lists of hateful liberals to be excoriated. No doubt should Deval Patrick win this December, Jeff will find some pretext for our nominee for Governor to top that annual list.
Clearly it's topic to which Jacoby has given much thought of a disordered nature. The worst of Jeff Jacoby's writing is essentially smugly pontifical in nature, the right facts, the right emotions the right actions yield god's will in the form of the right outcome. Do it is just weird to read his latest sermon on "when it's okay to hate" as justified by Jeff Jacoby Esq.

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