Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Debate Tonight

There is no doubt in my mind that Scary Kerry Healey will renew her demands for a one on one debate with Deval Patrick. She will probably get quite nasty on the subject and question his manhood...after all she has already called our candidate every name in the book and drafted an Orangeshirt Legion to press her case.
I urge the Patrick campaign not to fall for any of this nonsense.
Kerry Healey agreed to the "all up" format back in April when she and her apologists in the media thought this campaign was gonna be a cakewalk. If the format now does not show her to advantage, well...tough shit. Scary Kerry has had six long empty months to do something else other than cry havoc and murder most me "Lieutenant Governor Barbie" isn't gonna come up with any thought provoking proposals between now and this notional debate.
And to put it more blunty she doesn't deserve the consideration, Kerry Healey has run for Governor this fall like a rat in a firestorm, she has lowered the tone of public discourse in Massachusetts to an appalling degree. Thanks to Scary Kerry we can look forward to new outrages in the campaigns to come.
If Healey wants a mulligan, tell her to take up golf!

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