Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck would have us believe

that he occupies the "Father Coughlin" position in the cosmology of the Obama Administration.
If that is the case, clearly that makes Sarah Palin the "Huey Long" of our era.

Except that "regression to the mean" must take hold even of authoritarian whackjobs, and so instead of the late Father Coughlin (a man with a keen brain despite his pro-Hitler bluster) we've got the aforementioned Glenn Beck a dangerously marginal mentality who likely could not get job a headlining in the local "Bozo the Clown" TV franchise a generation ago.
And Sarah Palin, she could not handle the responsibility of being the head waitress at a "Ground Round" back in the day.
But for TV's metastasis and the need to be reporting something every hour of the day these two would dwell in obscurity.
But today, they are stars, for however long it lasts.

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