Thursday, August 26, 2010

Without Moral Equivalence

specifically the type that assers that Both Political Parties Share Equal Blame in the Nation's Current Problems...Joanie Vennochi would be struck dumb.
She'd have to give up her gig at the Globe, that constitutes 80% of her weekly copy.
Today she went on a long snarky meandering ramble indicting the democrats and republicans for not standing up for Religious Tolerance vis a vis the "Ground Zero Mosque".
Ho Hum, same old Joanie, wallowing in false consciousness, never a word betrayed to her fast shrinking audience that it is the same old GOP thugs who created the whole phoney-ass issue in the first place.
However today's column contains this magnificent howler:
It’s a version of what happened to Bush. Due to the circumstances of Al Gore’s loss in the 2000 election, Democrats worked hard to undermine the legitimacy of the Bush presidency.
"The circumstances of Al Gore's loss in 2000"? You mean when he had the election STOLEN from him while the Joanie Vennochi's of the media kept their fat yaps shut or else whimpered and snarked about "Moral Equivalence" between the two parties???
A more obtuse sentence hasn't been written by Joanie in the last eight years, normally she is a sarcastic little middle school alpha except when she needs to obscure the stark nature of the Great Election Steal of 2000, then she is all about soft words.
By the way Joanie democrats did NOT work hard to "undermine the legitimacy of the Bush Presidency" we were in facr fighting for our god-damn lives while a aggreived mental midget and his goonsquad worked to turn this country into a de facto One Partei State.
And what did you do for all those years? Snarked off at the Kewl Kids Table...Useless as usual.

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