Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We live in an era of disposable politicians...

Case in point, Matt Amorello who got seriously pinched for DUI this weekend.

As bad a Big Dig Manager as Matt was, it is worth recalling that he was appointed to the sinecure by Governor Jane "Jingle Money" Swift mostly as a sop to the State Legislature. Her logic being that Amorello, a popular former democratic state senator was hired mostly to keep the Great and General Court's grubby investigatory mitts off the Big Dig.
Amorello was willing to play ball with Jingle Money and her crowd and the quarter of a million large didn't hurt either...and to the extent that he kept the lid on, Amorello was a success at the Big Dig til the roof caved and the damn thing sprung leaks like a depth charged submarine.
That was his job, keep the lid on, not to tell the truth to the governor or the electorate or the legislature, he certainly wasn't hired for his Herbert Hooverian management skills.
Eventually, Matt was fired, and then he got divorced, and lost his house and now is lying in the UMass Medical Center before being dragged before a judge.
It used to be a man in public live could survive even this, but no more. I'm not exactly sure why I suspect natural selection is at work in the public sphere in ways we can't yet catalogue.

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