Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whatever happened to...

Charlie "Ziplips" Baker?
Wasn't he running for somerthing?
School Committee? Public Exploder?
I forget.
These days Charlie is lucky to make page B-3 of the Metro Section of the Globe, he'd likely do better in Herald except somebody's pit bull terrier got loose in East Boston and as they say in Skowhegan "Fust things fust".
Okay okay I kid I kid!
I kid because I love...I love, to kid!
Likely this is calm before the storm, so far Ziplips has made little impression on the voting public, his audiences he has bored the once star struck punditry are disenchanted.
But remember he has money, lots of it, and GOP Gubernatorial aspirants are used to winning the day on the airwaves come September and October.
He has already said this campaign will be won or lost on TV so watch for it mah frenz.

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