Monday, August 23, 2010

Guilt by Association is a bad thing

or so everyone claims in calmer times.

But when the usual ass-holes sense a chance to profit from raw xenophobia, then it is Katry-bar-the-Door"!
Such is the case with the Islamic Center some poor starry eyed souls wanna build in lower Manhattan, it is two blocks from the former World Trade Center and that just doesn't sit well with some people.
Specifically power-hunger people like Former House Speaker New Gingrich who ejaculated this gem on Fox News this weekend: "Nazis don't have the right to put up a sign next to the Holocaust museum in Washington..."
Well duh...This is guilt by association we are talking about the arguments tend to the simpleminded. Nazis are one thing, but what if German Lutherans wanted to put up a church next to the Holocause Memorial? Would we refuse it on grounds that too many German Lutherans formed the ranks of the SS during World War II? Would we turn down the Cardinal Archbishop of DC from building a cathedral two blocks from said Holocaust Memorial because the RCC clearly played footsie with the Nazis before and during the war?
So you see, Guilt by Association.
Frankly, if Newt Gingrich wants to save religious feeling in this country he'd best stop inciting mob rule against toleration and the First Amendment. On the other hand this is a mass market U.S. conservative we are talking about the god-damned fool really expects the mob to be on his side now and forever amen.
Meanwhile, Mike Lupica (of all people) reports that Newt has converted to catholicism, which just takes the rag offa da bush given the diversity of Gingrich's divorces and all.


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