Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brian McGrory has a talent

for the obtuse, there is no other explanation for today's column which insists that Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick have learned the same lessons out on the campaign trail.
For some strange reason Brian keeps trying to combine in some Frankensteinian fashion citizens Baker and Patrick into some sort of uber-candidate that would exemplify the best of each individual donor.
This is sheer nonsense but par for the course from Brian, he runs these sorts of columns trying in a passive aggressive way to blur distinctions between democrat and republican, an intellectual exercise that always advantages the GOP.
Owing to an edge in voter registration, the democrats have more to lose in an atmosphere of studied disaffection...Brian knows this so of course he cultivates the notion that it really doesn't matter.
At least Jeff Jacoby comes out and sez he wants low taxes and slaves for civil servants, McGrory sneaks around in a dreadful wheedling fashion hinting and insinuating.
Anything to get that big tax cut so long as he doesn't have to rave like a freeper to get it.

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