Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bill Weld sobers up...

just long enough to host a Baker fundraiser at his "former home" in Cambridge.
I'll bet he claps Charlie on the back and calls him "Paul" during the endorsement.

Meanwhile, Charlie keeps channeling his inner Paladino with a blustery roar about welfare cheats and the abuse of food stamps...Problems that Bill Weld once claimed to have solved to the complete satisfaction of all radio talk show hosts.
I don't know, I'm not sure it's smart to campaign on a pledge to lay off five thousand state workers and to throw the bums off welfare during a recession.
Some of those bums used to be republicans after all...
But Charlie keeps freeping out, displaying an admirably short fuse and a set of convictions that would bring a tear to the eye of any Spanish Falangist.
And it's only Columbus Day, imagine what Baker will be screaming about by Halloween.

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